Letter from the Secretary

Post date: Mar 07, 2010 8:49:35 PM


I would like to thank all who were involved with this exercise, today at Andrewsfield and on Tuesday 23rd February at the Drill Hall. Andy (Inspector Bartlett from Cambridge Police) has said that the visit was a great success and praised all involved, and if possible would like to continue.

I must say thank you to Rodney who supplied the 357, 577, 44 black powder pistol and the 45/70 ammunition and all the cokes. Chocolate bars and crisps for the kids, and some of the big kids including me.

Thanks to Phil Rosier for coming after finishing at 0430 this morning (the kids enjoyed his training and his M4 considering he’s a copper), and Chris Wallis for his training. Who does not know what 0900 is on a Saturday. Andy Burnett for the use of his mini MP5. Barry Simmons for the use of his 44 and his 50 rounds of 44 magnum rounds. Howard thanks for the extra rounds of 357 for them.

Thanks to you all they really enjoyed it, they all learned a lot from us, and I hope they will all respect their local Police force from this exercise.

Nigel Stock


Dunmow & District Rifle & Pistol Club