Cumbria Tragedy - Update 23rd June 2010

Post date: Jun 24, 2010 8:55:45 PM

From: Heather Webb On Behalf Of NRANews

Sent: 24 June 2010 11:20

At the moment the tragic incident in Cumbria appears to have dropped off the media radar. This is likely to change with a series of reports on licensing and the renewal process in Cumbria, to be followed by an enquiry into the police response to the incident. The first of these reports are expected within the next two weeks.

Clubs must be aware that with the upturn in interest relating to Cumbria they are likely to be contacted by the media. The current advice that clubs or individuals should refer the media to BSSC or the NRA is still appropriate. In this way we ensure a consistent approach.

Police Clubs and Firearms Certificates

The NRA is receiving a number of reports from individuals and clubs that police forces are tending to be more vigorous in their attention to FAC renewals and club inspections. We have had some reports that indicate some forces are taking a very robust approach to any perceived failings on the part of the individual or the club concerned.

The NRA would advise all FAC holders to ensure that they carefully check their FAC’s against legal requirements and Home Office Guidance to ensure they meet the required conditions in relation to:

    • Secure storage of firearms and ammunition

    • Numbers of firearms and amounts of ammunition held

    • That firearms have been used sufficiently to meet police renewal requirements

    • Good reason for each firearm held

If you are unsure regarding any requirements or conditions, it is likely that within your club you will have a member who will have good knowledge of what is required. If you are still unsure contact the NRA or any other shooting body you are a member of for assistance and guidance.

If following contact with the police you find you have any problems with your application or renewal you should contact the NRA or other shooting body for assistance.

If the matter is serious, in that your FAC has been revoked and firearms removed it is imperative that you make early contact with the NRA or other shooting body that you are a member of. This will result in the body concerned making interventions with the police on your behalf.

In some cases there may be a requirement for legal advice or representation. If you are an individual member of a shooting organisation it is usual as part of your insurance that legal cover will be included.

If you are a member of a club that has chosen to take out legal cover, usually as an add-on to the club insurance, you will have access to legal advice.

I would encourage clubs as a contingency to consider additional legal cover for members if they have not invested in it to date. This can easily be arranged with any of the shooting organisations insurers as an addition to their current insurance.

The National Rifle Association will seek to give you further guidance and advice as the post incident response to Cumbria unfolds.

Glynn Alger

Secretary General