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Final standings at the end of the year 2002 Full-bore ‎‎(Pistol Calibre)‎‎

Final standings at the end of the year 2002 Small-bore League

Fingrinhoe ETR shoot, April 2002

S.E. Practical Rifle Competition Results

On Saturday, February 9th 2002, Dunmow hosted the second South East Practical Rifle Championships, the first competition of 2002 to count for the PR League, with the help of the Highpower Rifle Association.

The turn out was a staggering 47 competitors, including 13 Tyros (those who have not scored points for the League before) and this must be a record for 'newbies'. The conditions were far from ideal with a crosswind gusting to nearly 20 mph at times, but the rain failed to make a determined appearance. Dispite this there were some very good scores returned and some stages had 'possibles' scored.

Congratulations to the stage winners, and to Graham for the overall win. John Love deserves a mention as the highest placed tyro and at forth overall we can be thankful he can only be a tyro once. I must thank Fred Cooke, Mark Bradley and Phil Woolley for running the point at various times throughout the day, many competitors expressly stated how well it ran, and thanks also to Dave Green who helped with the stats - I'm sure it was only to see the results as the day went along but it was a help all the same.

One small correction, the Iron Sights class was won by Peter Moore and not Bob Wightman - sorry Bob, there was just 13 points in it and I hadn't updated the computer since the last few entry forms arrived.

See you all the same time next year,

Matthew Greenall.

2002 S.E. PR Overall Positions

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2002 Iron Sights

S.E. Practical Rifle Competition Stage Results 2002